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The Ready K Philosophy

The St Ursula Ready K program is founded on the principle that age is not the only indicator of kindergarten readiness. Each child is an individual and develops at his or her own pace. Some children may be chronologically eligible for kindergarten but not ready for the increased educational and social demands of a Kindergarten classroom. There are also children who may not meet their school district’s age requirements for Kindergarten but who are, nonetheless, ready for a kindergarten curriculum. The Ready K Program will provide your child with the opportunity to explore basic academic concepts, develop emotional and social readiness for academic success, and pave the way for a smooth transition to their Kindergarten year.

The St. Ursula Difference

The Ready K Program develops Kindergarten readiness skills in a faith-based environment. The curriculum emphasizes hands on activities to develop basic curriculum competencies in math, reading, science, social studies, and physical education/health. Unique to the St Ursula program is the added opportunity for your child to engage in the creative arts with the inclusion of art class, music class, and library. With gentle guidance, support and structure your child will have opportunities for growth in the areas of social interaction, self-esteem, self-confidence, spiritual & emotional maturity.

Program Structure

Unlike many pre k programs, the Ready K program meets 5 days per week from 9:00 AM – 2:50 pm. All components of the extensive academic curriculum will be covered. Click here for a full curriculum outline. Your child will have lunch and recess (hot lunch available) and participate in library, art, physical education, music and computer class. Before school care is available beginning at 8 AM and after school care is available until 6 PM.

Meet the Teacher

Our 2 Ready-K teacher is Mrs. Maureen Evans.  Mrs. Evans received her Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Monmouth College. She came to St. Ursula in 2010 from St. Alexis School where she was a teacher in a Ready-K program. St. Ursula parents and students will tell you that both of our teachers are warm and loving teachers with all the professional and personal skills needed to make our Ready K program exceptional.


The Ready K program is designed specifically for students:

• Who are eligible for Kindergarten but would benefit from an additional year of exposure to academic and social readiness skills or

• Who are ready for a kindergarten curriculum, but do not meet the eligibility requirements to enter kindergarten.

• Who are 4 years old and ready for more than a traditional preschool curriculum or daycare setting may offer


• Please visit the Financing Catholic Education webpage for current tuition.  St. Ursula uses the services of FACTS for tuition collection. FACTs divides yearly tuition into a 10 month payment plan and bills from July through April.

• A commitment fee of $300 is due in the office by May 1st to save a spot in our program. This fee will be subtracted from your final tuition payment.

• Before and after school care is available at a rate of $3 per hour.

Why Choose Ready K for Your Child?

If you feel your child might benefit from another year to mature and develop emotionally, socially or academically before kindergarten or if your child is ready for a more stimulating and aggressive curriculum than traditional preschools can offer, Ready K can offer your family a unique solution. Just a few of the most compelling reasons to further examine this program are:

• St Ursula’s 100 year tradition of providing educational excellence rooted in Catholic values assures you your child is in the hands of exceptional educators.

• The expanded program time and curriculum offers your child more opportunities to learn and grow

• A unique combination of academics and exposure to the arts gives your child a well rounded educational experience

• Flexible schedules and extended care allow you to pick the option that works best for your family

• The full day Ready K program is an affordable alternative to traditional daycare for age appropriate children.


Click here for registration information and a registration form.

Ready K Curriculum

English/Reading Readiness

   Discriminate words and sounds

   Discriminate and produce rhyming sounds

   Develop knowledge of letters and their sounds

   Recognize and name upper-case letters

   Recognize and name lower-case letters

   Acquire a reading vocabulary of common words (word families, sight words)

   Describe the role of people, places, and things in a story

   Demonstrate correct directionality of print (ie. top/bottom, left/right)

   Sequence a story (ie what happened first, second, third, and last)

   Follow three and four step oral directions

   Form upper and lower case letters

   Spell and write name using upper and lower case letters


   Identify basic shapes and colors, & common geometric shapes

   Identify, describe and extend patterns

   Use concepts to show equal or not equal

   Use manipulatives to develop number sense including one to one correspondence

   Count from 1-100 by ones and tens

   Read and write Numerals 1-20

   Use concrete objects to group items in sets of 10

   Identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters by name and value

   Make estimations and predications

   Represent addition and subtraction in everyday situations up to 10

   Understand spatial concepts of over, under, in, out, around, on and between, above, top, bottom.

   Understand basic measurements used for measuring time, length, weight, volume, and temperature

   Problem solve

   Gather, organize, and display data on a graph

   Master addition with digits #1-5

   Master subtraction with digits #1-5


   Identify months, holidays, and celebrations

   Understand basic time (on the hour and half hour)

   Understand basic food groups

   Understand and demonstrate proper hygiene

   Understand the basics related to our human bodies

   Recognize change

   Use the five senses

   Identify the similarities and differences of living things

   Categorize living and non-living things

   Understand the meaning of matter

   Explore sounds, energy sources

   Explore the seasons and weather concepts

Physical Education

   Demonstrate basic physical activities that promote fitness and health

   Use fundamental motor skills and movements

   Demonstrate balance

   Understand the benefits of practice in the development of skills

   Learn basic health practices

   Learn about people who keep us healthy and safe

   Identify things in our environment that can be harmful

   Understand the importance of rules and how they keep us safe

   Understand the basic needs of a healthy body

   Identify basic body parts and organs

   Learn about how we grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

   Learn about the food groups

Social Studies

   Identify personal rights and responsibilities

   Identify the purpose of rules and law

   Identify the role of people in our family, our neighborhood, and the community

   Identify geographic tools such as a map and globe


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